Yin Yang signAcupuncture is a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that uses very fine needles to stimulate specific acupuncture points to correct imbalances in the flow of “qi” (chi, or vital energy) through pathways known as “meridians.”

In TCM, the body is viewed as a balance of the opposing forces of “yin” and “yang.” Ying represents the cold, slow, or passive principle, and yang represents the hot, excited, or active principle. Health is achieved by maintaining the body in a balanced state, and disease is due to an internal imbalance of yin and yang.

An imbalance of yin and yang leads to a blockage in the flow of qi and of blood along meridians. TCM practitioners use herbs, massage, and acupuncture to unblock qi and bring the body back into wellness.

Some areas that acupuncture is effective in treating:

  • Digestive/weight loss
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Emotional
  • Smoking cessation/addictions
  • Side effects from chemotherapy (nausea/vomiting, low appetite, insomnia, fatigue, body aches)
  • Eye, ear, nose, and dental
  • Gynecological/fertility
  • Neurological
  • And more…

Discover the benefits of acupuncture with Eric Poline, LAc.

Schedule an appointment by calling 619-546-0420 or you can conveniently schedule online.


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