Patient Reviews Tell the Centric Wellness Story…


“Thank you!!! Dear Dr. Rabe. I wanted to take a moment and thank you for your consultations and recommendations while under your care. You always took the time to listen and inform me of current treatments and options I would not have known about without your knowledge and desire to share…You’re a doctor in the truest sense of your profession and you will be remembered by me for your dedication, enthusiasm, and ability to communicate and motivate. I wish you the very best.” CW Patient, 3/13/18

“Thank you for helping me. I’ve been a patient for a few years, I’m sad to hear that you’ve had to close your doors. Thank you so very much for helping me be able to manage my pain, I have no words to say how much I appreciate your staff and doctors.” CW Patient, 3/4/18

“Cannabis saved my life! I wanted to say that Cannabis saved my life after many battles with PTSD and depression. This herb continues to do so. You clearly understand the scientific medicinal properties this plant contains and devoted your career and life to assist people with something that is of no profit to you. Other medical practitioners sell themselves to big pharma and do no good for the people. With that, I wanted to thank you for the cause.” CW Patient, 2/18/18

“You literally saved my life. My food allergies were so very severe that I was being treated by six specialists and on SIXTEEN MEDICATIONS. I knew I had to find someone who could think outside-the-box. After hours of research, I finally found San Diego board certified alternative integrative holistic medicine physician, Mark Rabe, MD…who drilled down to the underlying issues and figured out what is actually wrong with me. Dr. Rabe lectured at UCSD…I drove 35 miles each way to see him, even though I had “rubber stamp”…doctors within ten miles of my home…I was able to wean off of the 16 meds; as well as my three-year constant companion, my cane…Dr. Rabe…my savior…thank you for all you did for me. Namaste.” CW Patient, 5/5/16

“I felt welcome upon arrival. They were more than professional about alternative migraine treatment…I felt welcome upon arrival and well informed when I left. I wish that I didn’t have to wait a year to go back…I could hang with these people all day!” CW Patient, 3/10/16

“Great place! Made the whole process fast and simple. From the time I walked in til the time I walked out…they even had recommendations that worked…amazing!!! Thanks again guys……..10 stars” CW Patient, 2/6/16

“This place is 5 stars all the way. From the location to the staff…my wife and I…couldn’t be happier coming to the same Dr. for almost 4 years now. The assistant April has got to be the sweetest, most helpful person on earth. She remembered us! Very welcoming environment, very professional and a great service in a great location. Thank you all!” CW Patient, 1/20/16

“Absolutely wonderful and professional office. I loved it from the moment I booked the appointment over the phone…the entire ordeal was so pleasant, literally everyone I came across in the office was kind and accommodating. I would absolutely recommend this office to anyone…love it here and can’t wait to go back for my follow up appointment in a year.” CW Patient, 12/16/15

“These people are a Godsend. I have been going to Centric Wellness since 2014…I have been seen by Dr. Rabe both times and he has always made me feel secure and confident in my cancer battle and that I can do this and do it well with alternative treatments. He has always answered all of my questions and is quite thorough. I love his receptionist as she has always been so supportive and made me feel so much better, especially when I have broken down in front of her and cried when trying to talk about my situation. I always walk out of the building feeling much more peace than I walked in with…you cannot ask for more than that when battling for your life. Thank you Dr. and staff…I hope to see you very soon for my renewal.” CW Patient, 11/17/15

“This place is AMAZING! YES, it’s true. From the moment I first called to the moment I left it was nothing but nice. The receptionist is super nice and patient. Dr. Welsh is concerned and compassionate about your needs. The entire visit, he was educating me. If you read about the doctors on the Centric wellness website, you will be pleased to discover their credentials, and the passion they have for people healing and feeling well. The overall vibe of the place is serene and relaxing. Best waiting room you’ll ever sit in. You won’t be sorry you chose this place.” CW Patient, 9/21/15

“This place is awesome. The woman at the front desk was so polite. The doctor we saw was awesome as well. Quick, easy and painless to get our card.” CW Patient, 6/12/15

“EVERYONE here is so friendly and helpful. I’m completely new to the…process and it was a bit intimidating because of this. I didn’t want to go through dark alleyways, lol. I started researching and I found Centric Wellness…read all the fantastic reviews…and decided to give it a shot. Everything was so true! They were able to get me in the same day…it’s right across the street from Balboa Park…and parking is easy. The office is very professional and the staff makes you feel very comfortable…I’m definitely returning for my recertification next year :)” CW Patient, 5/29/15

“Terrific Experience. Centric Wellness and it’s staff offer an unmatched level of medical service. From the minute you walk in you’re treated with courtesy and compassion. See you next year!.” CW Patient, 3/7/15

“BEST in SAN DIEGO. I was really embarrassed to go in and speak with a doctor about how to treat some of my conditions. After I left, I felt exceptionally happy to know that there are alternatives to medicine and treating some conditions out there. The customer service is out of this world. The two young beautiful ladies working at the front desk were kind, helpful, and made me feel very comfortable. All the doctors are educated and respectful. Very professional.” CW Patient, 2/27/15

“Friendly and helpful staff. The prices for appointments are very competitive. I’ll be back next year for my third visit.” CW Patient, 1/14/15

“The Doctor was amazing. Very comfortable environment, I would recommend these guys all the way.” CW Patient, 12/31/14

“Kind and Welcoming. Doctors and receptionist were so kind and welcoming! I recommend this place to anyone. Very professional and fancy, made me feel safe and taken care of.” CW Patient, 11/26/14 “Great Service and Location. This is a legitimate business. I was very glad to have found them. After being to 4 doctors and having less than ideal experiences, I must say Dr. Rabe is the best. Very pleasant and there to answer any of your concerns. Thank you!.” CW Patient, 11/19/14

“Super nice and very helpful. The place is so nice and the staff is very welcoming. I highly recommend this place…the office is really nice looking!” CW Patient, 11/15/14

“Amazing doctor, professional staff. ++ Very fast, kind, professional and knowledgeable. Would recommend 5/5. Saw me (new patient) same day.” CW Patient, 11/6/14

“Thank you! Dr. Rabe. I just wanted to thank you for helping me know a full night’s sleep again. Since visiting you almost two weeks ago, I have slept soundly every night, my anxiety has all but disappeared, and all thanks to you!” CW Patient, 6/29/14 “Dr. Rabe is the best! I’ve seen him the last three years, and he is always informative and compassionate. All around great doctor’s office! Thank you.” CW Patient, 6/25/14

“Excellent service! Terrific service…I walked in today for the first time and was out of there within 20 minutes…very kind, very professional…I would recommend Dr. Rabe to new or existing patients. Thanks so much!” CW Patient, 6/20/14

“This is THE Dr. to go to. Dr. Rabe actually tells you what you need to treat your conditions…I drove from the Imperial Valley to see Dr. Rabe, and I will do so again as it was well worth the trip…his office was easy to find, parking was easy as well, there wasn’t a long wait either…you can also do most of your paperwork online before your appointment too.” CW Patient, 5/23/14

“I will never go to another doctor again! Professional, great atmosphere and easy to find! Doctor Mark Rabe is extremely helpful and super nice. He made my experience enjoyable and he answered all my questions! Highly recommend this place!!!” CW Patient, 4/28/14

“I Give Dr. Rabe a Whole-Hearted 5 Stars. Thank you for restoring my faith in doctors…here are the things that impressed me about this clinic and Dr. Rabe…the clinic’s website is well designed and new patients are able to make an appointment online and fill out all necessary forms in advance…the clinic is clean and airy and definitely a professional’s office…the lady at reception is friendly and respectful…Dr. Rabe is an easy guy to talk to…no white coat…just a regular, nice guy who is very well educated…I was impressed by the fact that Dr. Rabe is working with oncologists…as supplemental treatment for their patients who are currently on high doses of opioids…and, last but not least, the clinic is not just a ‘one trick pony’…they can help me with acupuncture and other alternative treatments and they have a long list of available therapies…thank you, Dr. Rabe and thank you to your lovely receptionist…I am glad I found you and I will definitely be back.” CW Patient, 4/24/14

“Amazing and Nice Doctor. I went in to get my evaluation…not only was the doctor very nice knowledgeable…his front desk staff were some of the nicest people I have met…I would totally recommend Dr. Mark Rabe to anyone.” CW Patient, 3/28/14

“Amazing, Wonderful and Professional. MUST VISIT! I was nervous when I first walked in, but some the nice front desk lady , gave me a sweet smile…you feel welcome and super comfortable…I did not have an appointment but she still said I can come and see the doctor…Doctor Mark Rabe was great…I felt like I knew the guy, friendly and very knowledgeable…he gave me a great lesson…he was very empathetic…he answered all my questions. I received great knowledge from Dr. Rabe.” CW Patient, 3/10/14

“Professional, Knowledgeable, Highly Recommend. I have been suffering with back pains, tendonitis, and an anxiety disorder…I DID NOT want to be prescribed any pharmaceutical medications…I researched the internet for qualified, licensed, and board certified alternative medicine doctors that specialized in the “whole self,” not just the illness…you know what they say about first impressions…I walked into a very clean, comfortable, and soothing environment…I was greeted with a smile, filled out the necessary forms for a first time visitor, and didn’t have to wait more than 5 minutes…Dr. Rabe is VERY knowledgeable…he helped me to feel at ease…in fact, he took the time to listen to what I had to say…I believe I will be working with Dr. Rabe and his staff at Centric Wellness to heal my mind/body the natural way…Centric Wellness has an array of services that can be beneficial to anyone in need of natural treatment; i.e., pain management counseling, acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition, massage therapy, mind-body medicine, health and wellness coaching, etc…I wish I had found Centric Wellness years ago…you can only give a 5 star rating…I wish I could give Centric Wellness 100 stars…they rock.” CW Patient, 3/4/14

“Very Professional. The office is very clean and has a great location…Dr. Rabe take great care in asking me the right questions to ensure that he could give me the proper care….I brought my medical records and received a stellar evaluation…Dr. Rabe gave me the feeling that he truly cares and that he wants me to get the right treatment…I highly recommend Centric Wellness!” CW Patient, 2/14/14

“Centric Wellness is absolutely fantastic! I needed to renew my recommendation and received 5 star customer service. It was the day after Christmas and so many clinics posted that they are open but weren’t so I was driving all over SD until I came here. The office is extremely clean and professional and felt good coming in. Also has a beautiful view of Balboa Park. Dr. Rabe evaluated me and my man and recommended a number of different treatments to help with our concerns. He was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. This clinic also offers acupuncture and weight loss programs. I highly recommend CW and will most definitely be coming back to renew every year.” CW Patient, 12/28/13

“Thanksgiving Message. I came to Dr. Rabe not in search of a medical marijuana recommendation, but in search of a board-certified holistic medical doctor who would discuss my 15+ pre-existing medical conditions and why all the medications and recommendations of the six MDs I was seeing only made me sicker…it was Dr. Rabe who put all the pieces together into a single diagnosis that the many award-winning specialists couldn’t see…since undergoing treatment with Dr. Rabe, I have been able to get off over a half dozen prescription medications…I am now down to two…I am healthier than I have been in a decade and I hope to get even better…Dr. Rabe is compassionate, professional and extremely well-informed…I have worked in world-renowned teaching hospitals across the country and Dr. Rabe equals any doctor I have ever known…his integrity is unequaled – and his kindness knows no bounds…he is simply unlike any doctor you will ever meet.” CW Patient, 11/28/13

“Excellent! Dr. Rabe is very knowledgeable and professional…he will take the time to evaluate your conditions and help you with natural alternatives…the Centric Wellness center is more than just a place to get your evaluation, they offer a list full of other natural approaches…they helped me with back issues that have been ongoing for years…the receptionist is very nice and friendly…I recommend this place to anyone with a medical condition looking for a natural alternative…buy the wallet sized copy…it has the original seal and is worth the value.” CW Patient, 11/12/13

“This place is awesome. I have referred people to you, time and time again…I will be back to renew next year…:)” CW Patient, 10/11/13

“Wonderful experience. Scheduled in fast, the wait was short, the doctor and staff were amazing…I highly recommend…another place I’ve been was more expensive…Dr. Rabe and his staff were so great and helpful.” CW Patient, 9/14/13

“Quick Easy Friendly. Great experience, super friendly, easy….can answer any question you have!” CW Patient, 8/14/13 “Best experience to date. Comfortable, safe, and professional…the front desk lady was very nice, and Dr. Rabe was very knowledgeable about cannabis and effectively treating my symptoms…I would highly recommend anyone who wants to try this holistic method of medicine to check out Dr. Rabe. Thank you!” CW Patient, 8/12/13

“Friendly, understanding, and professional. I’d never been to a MMJ doctor before and didn’t know what to expect…but any dread I may have felt vanished as soon as I entered the building…the office is very clean and has a nice view of Balboa Park…the woman at the desk was really kind and welcoming, and Dr. Rabe himself was great…all in all it was a pleasant, thorough fifteen minute conversation, and then I was registered…Centric Wellness ALSO offer services in naturopathic medicine, massage therapy, nutritional advice and weight loss programs, and a specialist in women’s health…I think I’ll be back!” CW Patient, 8/3/13

“If you truly have problems look no further!!! I have a broken neck, was shot in the shoulder and broke my ankle so I’m in pain…my hats off to you doc…the process is easy, the staff is courteous and your information is secure and discrete…I could go on for a while but I’m a man of few words…not just highly recommended…but the only one I would recommend!” CW Patient, 8/1/13

“Professional, enough said. The staff was very professional and friendly…the doctor was extremely knowledgeable…and gave more than enough information to make informed decisions…he was also very kind and generous, giving me a great deal on the three different recommendation sizes that they offer…I will not get my renewal from anywhere else…I can’t wait to check out the other services they have at the office too!” CW Patient, 6/25/13

“He is here for us not the money! Just met this gentleman for a renewal…very kind, very professional…he knows what he is talking about and truly cares…I’m here for the long run…KUDO’s People of Centric Wellness.” CW Patient, 6/2/13

“Most Qualified in San Diego. If you’re in San Diego, look no further…Dr. Rabe is knowledgeable, professional, quick, and qualified…he took the time to get to know me as a patient, address my problems/concerns, and offer solutions to help…I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else for my doctor’s recommendation. CW Patient, 5/5/13

“Best Doctor. Went in for a first time visit…Dr. Rabe kindly greeted me and offered water…he then went over my medical records and explained to me…I was very impressed by how informed he was…he is the only doctor I’ll be seeing now.” CW Patient, 5/4/13

“Don’t waste your time anywhere else! Dr. Rabe and his staff are excellent…I was treated with nothing but respect from the moment I walked in to the time that I left…with a recommendation…and a smile on my face…they offer a variety of other services…I would certainly return to see Dr. Rabe for my medicinal needs.” CW Patient, 5/1/13

“Nice Experience! The office was beautiful, and has a nice view of the park…the experience was very pleasant and it only took 20 minutes…I got the paper recommendation, and two cards…one card for the car, and one for my wallet…I highly recommend Dr. Rabe!” CW Patient, 4/26/13

“Awesome! I was politely greeted and a huge amount of tension was lifted by how comfortable they made me feel…Dr. Rabe greeted me with a smile and seemed to know his stuff really well…all in all my visit was about 20 min…I’ll recommend him to anyone…thanks Dr. Rabe.” CW Patient, 4/24/13

“Impressive! Professional. Quick and convenient experience with great knowledge to give to you…including some great information on their website.” CW Patient, 4/23/13

“Great! Dr. Rabe goes about a great approach in offering information and recommendation. He provides his holistic care with an abundance of knowledge! The office was in a good spot and the wait was nothing…thanks again Dr. Rabe!” CW Patient, 4/23/13

“A real doctor! I was impressed that Dr. Rabe provided an exam and a brief education session…also, he honored his advertised price, unlike many other places that I’ve visited.” CW Patient, 4/18/13 “Unbeatable experience. The office of Dr. Rabe was easy to find, clean, and very inviting…setting up the appointment was painless and the staff other than Dr. Rabe were professional and a pleasure to work with.” CW Patient, 4/17/13

“Outstanding doctor! This Wellness Center has a very soothing and friendly environment…the receptionist was very nice and helpful…the prices are very reasonable and worth every penny…we had a great time and highly recommend this doctor and wellness center.” CW Patient, 4/14/13

“Best experience possible. Stop your search for a doctor right here…I mean wow…Centric Wellness was just great…Dr. Rabe was very professional, well-spoken and informative…he’s a genuinely nice person and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience…I’ll definitely be back, and Dr. Rabe will be at the top of my recommendation list if anyone ever asks.” CW Patient, 4/1/13 “Gr8 experience with Centric Wellness. A stress-free environment is what you get when you pay the doc a visit…Dr. Rabe is very sincere and kind…he actually takes the time to hold a conversation with you…thank you again for a wonderful and stress-free experience!!” CW Patient, 3/16/13

“Best Dr. Best Dr I have seen yet…great friendly staff and Dr…have been telling my friends about this place…couldn’t have been more happy.” CW Patient, 3/11/13

“Dr. Rabe at Centric Wellness. Dr. Rabe was very kind…the staff was very polite and I’m very interested in their additional services…thank you Centric Wellness for a wonderful experience.” CW Patient, 3/10/13

“Awesome doctor and clinic. Dr Mark was great and price was too…he took the time to talk to me about my condition and he was very knowledgeable…will def be coming back.” CW Patient, 2/9/13 “Really comfortable, my old doctor, I ran into him. Dr. Mark Rabe is a very professional guy and definitely knows what he is talking about…definitely recommend him…easy to find and really friendly and understandable…thanks Dr. Mark!” CW Patient, 12/28/12

“Wonderful experience. I saw Dr Rabe…he was very helpful and knowledgeable and helped me with any questions I had during the process…I recommend Dr. Rabe if you want a legit doctor.” CW Patient, 11/12/12

“Very comfortable experience. Really friendly people here who were quick to help me and my wife out as a walk-in…Dr. Rabe was very professional and informative…was an overall A++ experience and I would recommend Dr. Rabe, you won’t be disappointed.” CW Patient, 10/22/12

“Very professional. Dr. Rabe was very professional and compassionate towards my specific set of circumstances, and provided my with a plethora of information with which to make informed decisions about my medication…his prices are extremely reasonable as well…if you’re looking for a doctor that will listen and help you with your need, I would absolutely recommend going to see him.” CW Patient, 9/17/12

“Highly recommend. Dr. Rabe had a lot of information to impart…I liked the fact that he took his time…plus the price was very reasonable…I would highly recommend going to see Dr. Rabe for your recommendation needs…you won’t regret it.” CW Patient, 9/9/12

“A doctor that provides education. We were very impressed with Dr. Rabe and his practice…from the initial call to the actual office visit, we were treated with complete professionalism and respect…it would be wonderful if doctors that are regulated by the AMA could treat patients with natural substances that really work and not all the meds that create so many problems…I have already called several friends and family to tell them about Dr. Rabe…Dr. Rabe had a very fun personality, was proficient and was very well informed.” CW Patient, 9/7/12

“A very professional, knowledgeable doctor. I went in to renew…the office was clean and professional looking…really no different than any other high end doctor’s office…I am very impressed that Dr. Mark was actually there to help me as a patient rather than just quickly send me on my way…very affordable as well…I highly recommend seeing this doctor…thank you!” CW Patient, 8/25/12

“Great experience! Staff was very friendly, and the atmosphere was great…Dr. Rabe was very knowledgeable and understanding, and didn’t treat me like I was just some customer…he was great at explaining everything, and I will definitely be back in a year to renew with him! CW Patient, 8/24/12 “Good doctor. Very knowledgeable…nice neighborhood, easy to find, fast, inexpensive!” CW Patient, 8/24/12

“Awesome!!! Went to Dr. Rabe for my first recommendation, I am glad I went to him for it…he is very knowledgeable and very friendly…overall great place, great doctor, great price…thanks!” CW Patient, 8/21/12

“Great! Great service, very informative and helpful…quick, easy and use the online deal to set up your appt for a cheap deal! CW Patient, 8/14/12

“Dr. Rabe & Centric Wellness simply ROCK! Dr. Rabe was kind, courteous & very complete in everything he had to tell us and went far beyond explaining everything so we could understand without being talked down to…I would totally recommend Doctor Rabe & Centric Wellness to anyone…as he offers many holistic approaches to complete wellness as well…Dr. Rabe certainly gave us what we paid for and then some…Dr. Rabe & Centric Wellness certainly made the entire process a wonderful experience.” CW Patient, 7/23/12

Thank you patients!